Jay Wilkins

Piano Teaching Artist

Jay Wilkins is a pianist and composer from Atlanta, Georgia.

Jay has 13 years of experience playing in a wide variety of ensembles. He founded his own small ensemble that he arranged for and conducted in 2017, was a member of the pit orchestra in a musical production, and the pit for an indoor drumline group. He also has experience playing in jazz bands, wind ensembles (both on piano and euphonium), contemporary groups, and as a solo classical pianist. This range of experience gives Jay a variety of skills and ideas that he works from, in his own composing and teaching.

As a teacher, Jay started at the Community Music Centers of Atlanta, where he helped to lead summer camps, and the performance workshop ensemble. He has plans to continue this when he returns to Atlanta during the summer.

Jay attends the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami. There, he majors in media scoring and production. He plans to enter the field of game scoring upon graduation.