Alexandra Manfredo

Voice Instructor

Instructor3Since a young age, Alexandra “Alex” knew she wanted to discover and to learn a little about everything. This idea ties into her musical experiences; where she has done a little of everything.

Hailing from the Midwest, Alex studied Commercial Music at Millikin University. There, she had two main focuses: performing all styles (including commercial/pop music, classical, jazz, and songwriting) and music engineering.

Within various ensembles, Alex has performed all around the United States, including Carnegie Hall. She has also performed throughout the Dominican Republic, Chile, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. With her music engineering background, she has managed the Millitrax Recording Studio and engineered many sessions. This included live sound engineering, studio engineering a short film, The OceanMaker, and even producing her own EP of original songs.

Alex is currently studying Jazz Performance/Vocal at the University of Miami. In the 2015-2016 term, she will be one of the jazz vocal graduate assistants, under Dr. Kate Reid. Alex is incredibly excited to be at the University of Miami and the Community Arts Program (CAP), where she continues her journey into higher education and teaching.